• Detoxing the Mind & Body

    In this presentation, natural health & diet specialist R.L. Malpica shows you how you've been conditioned by the medical industry and indoctrinated to see health from a specific viewpoint. After he helps you detox your mind, he dives into the workings of the body, the importance of an alkaline ba...

  • Intuition

    Join Jazmine the Medium for a journey into intuitive development. In this presentation, Jazmine helps you tap into your inner wisdom and strengthen your intuitive abilities. With practical exercises and insightful guidance, you'll learn how to trust your instincts and use your intuitive gifts to ...

  • Rhythmic Resonance: Flowing with your Energy

    In this presentation, Joanna Crowder, Ph.D explores the profound concept of 'As Above, So Below,' unveiling how the cosmic dance of zodiac signs influences our existence. Each sign flows within us, subtly shaping the energy that surrounds us and guiding us in mysterious ways.

  • Mindset Workshop

    In this presentation, Keith Crowder dives into the mind and explains how we can achieve true change in our lives simply by shifting our mindset.

  • Mindful Minutes with Michelle

    19 items

    Discover the transformative power of mindfulness in your daily life. Intuitive practitioner Michelle Swist guides listeners through mindfulness practices and techniques in each 5-15 minute episode, providing a brief escape from the chaos of everyday life. Whether you're new to mindfulness or an e...

  • Chakra Harmony

    7 items

    Michelle Swist's collection of guided meditations offers a comprehensive journey through the seven chakras, providing an opportunity to balance and activate each energy center within the body. As an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Michelle's approach is grounded in the belief that the mind, body, ...

  • MLM Podcast Health Collection

    12 items

    Minds Like Mine's Podcast put together a one-stop-shop for all things natural, holistic, and innovative in the world of health and wellness. Explore the latest research and practices in alternative medicine, nutrition, movement, and self-care. We dive into a variety of topics, from alternative ph...

  • Jazzy Spirituality

    8 items

    Jazzy Spirituality is a captivating journey into the world of the unseen. Each episode, Jazmine The Medium guides you through the process of developing and honing your psychic, medium and intuitive abilities. From learning how to interpret and trust your gut feelings to connecting with the spirit...

  • Decoding The Bible

    1 season

    Decoding The Bible is a groundbreaking show that explores the ancient text of the Bible from a fresh, metaphysical viewpoint. Join our expert host as they delve into the hidden meanings and symbolism within the pages of the most widely read book in the world. From the creation story to the end ti...

  • Energy Reset with Rosalyn Santos

    1 season

    Energy Reset is a transformational show that provides powerful energy clearings to help you achieve big shifts in your life. World renowned energy coach Rosalyn Santos offers guided meditations and visualization techniques to help you experience increased awareness, emotional releases, and unexpe...

  • Masterclass on Syncretism

    1 season

    This video masterclass on syncretism hosted by Joanna Crowder, Ph.D consists of 9 comprehensive lessons that explore the connection of astrology, energy and religion. The lessons are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of syncretism, starting from the ground up. Each video focuses o...

  • Sweat 4 Life

    1 season

    Sweat 4 Life is a dynamic and inspiring health, fitness and wellness show that emphasizes the crucial role of mindset in achieving one's fitness goals. Fitness and mindset coach Keith Crowder shares his real-life success stories to motivate and encourage viewers on their own health journeys. From...

  • Path To Enlightenment

    1 season

    Join us for a transformative video masterclass series where we delve into the four pillars that lead to inner peace and spiritual growth. Discover the key to breaking your conditioning and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. Learn how to cultivate a healthy terrain within yourself to optimize...