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Original series from some of the most unique conscious and metaphysical creators on the planet! Everything from metaphysics, wellness and spirituality to freethinking, mindset and truth seeking.

  • Minds Like Mine's Podcast

    3 seasons

    Looking to get more in touch with your inner-self? Interested in learning new philosophies? Searching for truth? Join hosts R.L. Malpica (philosopher) and Chef Definition (personal chef/freethinker) as they shed light on conscious living with deep topics and thought provoking conversation. If you...

  • Energy Reset with Rosalyn Santos

    1 season

    Energy healer Rosalyn Santos speaks on a new topic from an energetic perspective followed by a FULL energetic clearing every month! She checks in on over 40 different energies. This type of healing creates big shifts, increased awareness, emotional releases and unexpected manifestations!

  • Masterclass on Syncretism

    1 season

    Syncretism connects all the myths, holy scriptures/bible, fairy tales, ancient stories and philosophies to one common origin. Joanna Crowder, Ph.D gives a full comprehensive breakdown of syncretism. Every episode is packed with knowledge picked up throughout the years from amazing mentors and tea...

  • 3rd Eye with Lorelei

    1 season

    Dive into all things metaphysical with 3rd Eye with Lorelei. Learn information regarding topics like past life regression, dream interpretation, and tarot card reading to name a few. Learn with Lorelei, a newbie to the metaphysical scene as she discusses different topics each week in a fun and re...

  • Guided Meditations

    4 items

    Meditation is the foundation of all things spiritual. Create a mindful habit and meditate yourself away into a state of calmness, peace and balance. Each guided meditation focuses on a different area and essence of your inner-being. Enjoy your path to oneness 🙏🏾☯️.

  • Sweat 4 Life

    1 season

    Join Keith Crowder, as he discusses how mindset effects our journey through life as it relates to fitness, health, longevity and our misconceptions of aging. Each episode will provide a few insights on how to improve your health, mindset and outlook on your own health/wellness/fitness journey.

  • The Lounge

    1 season

    The Lounge features in-studio guests, freethinking, mindful vibes and deep thought provoking conversation! R.L. Malpica and Chef Definition get to sit back and unwind on everything from societal conditioning, mental health, racism, religion/spirituality, mindfulness and more!

  • Definition of Flavor

    2 seasons

    Join Chef Definition as he shares his secrets to creating flavorful and conscious dishes! Inspired by multiple cultures and techniques, Chef Definition gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make meals from scratch.

  • Jazzy Spirituality

    7 items

    Jazmine The Medium dives into everything from a spiritual viewpoint and shares her expertise on topics such as knowing if you're a psychic, where to start on your spiritual journey and obstacles you may encounter on the way.

  • Live, Laugh, Uh WTF Podcast

    1 season

    Come and hang out with Jazmine The Medium as she debuts her intimate and transparent podcast! Jazmine The Medium, is a psychic, medium, intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to their own light, intuition and connection to the Divine. As a psychic medium, Jazmine us...

  • Crystal Corner with Lorelei

    1 season

    Join Lorelei as she discusses all your favorite crystals, stones, and even fossils and meteorites and how they improve your spiritual, mental, and physic health! Discover how every crystal and stones vibration effects your own and has very specific properties for healing, balance, protection, con...

  • Keeping It Simple

    1 season

    Health/Fitness influencer Moni Anderson teaches us how to prepare and cook quick healthy meals to aid us on our wellness journey. From low calorie foods to healthy alternatives, this series is a perfect resource for anyone looking for easy-to-make dishes.

    Viewable and printable ingredients avai...

  • The 5th House Podcast

    1 season

    The 5th House is the House of Love. This podcast is all above everything LOVE related. From soul mates, twin flame stages, signs and children to what we're passionate about.. sex, marriage, divorce, relationships and more!

  • Pick A Card - Tarot Readings

    1 season

    Pick the card that you're most drawn to and Jazmine The Medium provides a thorough intuitive reading. Jazmine uses her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing, empowerment and connection to spirit to help her clients step into their light, purpose and st...

  • True Colors featuring Moni Anderson

    1 season

    In a world full of political correctness and cancel culture, Moni Anderson shares her opinions on social issues. Authentic, transparent and explicit.. True Colors is a breath of fresh-air within a society of watered down rhetoric.

  • Real Talk with KC & JoJo

    1 season

    Real Talk is about authentic conversations dealing with various topics surrounding MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT. Helping you Level Up as we share with you a bit about our own experiences. Joanna & Keith have been on a Twinflame journey for the last 24 years. They have two amazing children, and are excite...

  • Swimming in Deep Water

    1 season

    Creators are given the opportunity to tell their life story in their own words. Artists that are fearless and free examine the life experiences that shaped who they are.
    In a time where it's safe to share the highlights and perfections of life, these individuals choose to share the darker times ...