Decoding The Bible

Decoding The Bible

4 Episodes

Decoding The Bible is a groundbreaking show that explores the ancient text of the Bible from a fresh, metaphysical viewpoint. Join our expert host as they delve into the hidden meanings and symbolism within the pages of the most widely read book in the world. From the creation story to the end times, our host will shed light on the deeper messages and truths that are often missed by conventional interpretations. With a blend of historical analysis, spiritual insight, and a touch of humor, Decoding The Bible offers a thought-provoking and entertaining journey into the heart of one of humanity's most enduring and mysterious texts. Don't miss this chance to expand your understanding of the Bible and discover the secrets that have been hidden within its pages for centuries.

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Decoding The Bible
  • EP 1 - What is the Bible?

    Episode 1

    In this episode, we start off by explaining the many layers of the Bible and welcome you on this journey of uncovering the layers of holy scripture.

  • EP 2 - Genesis to Revelation

    Episode 2

    Genesis to Revelation is all about the underlying theme of our ascension journey. We go over scripture to show us not to take the book literal but in fact decode what it’s saying spiritually. Enjoy!

  • EP 3 - Adam and Eve

    Episode 3

    An esoteric and metaphysical perspective on who we are and how we relate to the Adam & Eve story on a conscious level. The story is written in many layers and all about YOU! Share your thoughts below!

  • EP 4 - Abraham & Sarah

    Episode 4

    We reflect on the the story of Abraham’s journey and how this reflects our own inner journey. In addition, we decode the words "Husband and Wife".

    Have you ever attempted to read the Bible but couldn’t quite grasp what it was TRULY saying underneath all the parables, dark sayings, allegories and...