Jazzy Spirituality

Jazzy Spirituality

Jazzy Spirituality is a captivating journey into the world of the unseen. Each episode, Jazmine The Medium guides you through the process of developing and honing your psychic, medium and intuitive abilities. From learning how to interpret and trust your gut feelings to connecting with the spirit world, this show explores the various techniques and exercises that can help you tap into your sixth sense. With a combination of expert insights, inspiring personal stories and practical tips, Jazzy Spirituality is the ultimate guide to discovering your inner psychic and unlocking your full potential.

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Jazzy Spirituality
  • Are you a psychic?

    Have you ever wondered if you're a psychic? Do you have psychic abilities? Are you intuitive? Jazmine shares her expertise on discovering your psychic capabilities.

  • 5 Places to Start

    Jazmine shares here expertise and provides insight on the 5 places to start if you think you're a psychic or a medium. Whether you're looking to start a career or just fine-tune your skills, this episode will help you build your intuitive foundation.

  • 3 Biggest Hurdles for Psychics when Developing Abilities

    Jazmine dives into the biggest hurdles psychics and mediums deal with while trying to develop their abilities.

  • 7 Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

    The path to enlightenment is a long and winding one, but it's possible. This video explains the seven stages of spiritual awakening. In this video you'll see how each stage works and what you can do at each level to make the most of your journey toward enlightenment. If you want to know where you...

  • Learn About Psychic Senses

    Jazmine The Medium talks about the Psychic Senses, the Clair’s… as well as tips on how to develop them in your everyday life. She also tells you what a psychic reading can intel so you know what you are supposed to be looking for when reading energy. To top it off, Jazmine ends it with going over...

  • 7 Psychic Mediumship Development Exercises

    Are you looking to develop your psychic or mediumship skills? Jazmine reveals 7 different developmental exercises for you to use to improve your abilities.

  • The Structure of a Psychic/Mediumship Reading

    Looking to make a career as a psychic or medium? Learn how to structure a psychic or mediumship reading. Jazmine shares her expertise on how she crafts a reading and gives her clients an amazing experience.

  • Divination Tools

    Jazmine the Medium discusses different divination tools to use to help your development as a psychic or medium. Divination tools range from tarot cards to pendulums. Comment below with what divination tools you're familiar with!