Masterclass on Syncretism

Masterclass on Syncretism

9 Episodes

This video masterclass on syncretism hosted by Joanna Crowder, Ph.D consists of 9 comprehensive lessons that explore the connection of astrology, energy and religion. The lessons are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of syncretism, starting from the ground up. Each video focuses on a specific aspect of syncretism, covering topics such as the astrological basis of religious beliefs, the relationship between celestial bodies, the elements and religious symbolism, and different energetic concepts. By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deep understanding of syncretism, its impact on different cultures and religions, and its role in shaping our understanding of the universe. Whether you are a student of astrology, religion, or cultural studies, this video masterclass is perfect for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of syncretism and its significance.

Masterclass on Syncretism
  • EP 1: Earth

    Episode 1

    Syncretism is the study of all things and how they all interconnect. There are 5 Elements, the first Episode being "Earth". A breakdown of these synergetic patterns, beginning with Nature. What do the Seasons mean to you? How do they relate to our lives? We also go over the Cosmic Clock, not just...

  • EP 2: Water

    Episode 2

    Water is the second level of consciousness. Here we discuss meditation, the left and right brain, nutrition and health, east and right references in the Bible and how to balance both mind and spirit.

  • EP 3: Air

    Episode 3

    The third installment of the masterclass on syncretism, we talk about astrology, the study of light and how it connects to the Bible. We also touch on electromagnetism and the elements, bringing us one step closer to understanding Syncretism.

  • EP 4: Fire

    Episode 4

    Joanna Crowder Ph.D breaks down the microcosm with an in-depth look at each energy center, the physiological ascension process and how Kundalini is weaved into one of many layers in the Bible. Plus, the breakdown and journey of our Cerebral Spinal Fluid also known as the sacred secretion.

  • EP 5: Ether

    We discuss Symbolism, Fairytales, Mythology and how they all connect to the previous episodes. As above so below, as within so without.

  • EP 6: Atoms and Torus Fields

    Episode 6

    In this episode, we discuss the root of the atom and how it relates to what we've been learning in the previous episodes, Plus 5 tips to strengthen your Torus Field/Aura.

  • EP 7: Atomology/Etymology Pt. 1

    Episode 7

    In this episode, we dive deep into the Torus Field, the Hyperbola, the Atom and how all words derive from this trinity.
    Plus, we look at the world of Duality through the lenses of red and blue.

  • EP 8: Atomology/Etymology Pt. 2

    Episode 8

    Part 2 of our discussion on the Torus Field, the Hyperbola, the Atom and how all words derive from this trinity with a continued discussion on how we look at the world of Duality through the lenses of red and blue.

  • EP 9: Syncretism Summary

    Episode 9

    In the final episode of the Masterclass on Syncretism, we review each episode and ultimately see the importance of unity. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series! And thank you for watching.