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Weekly Tarot Reading

Every week, Jazmine The Medium provides a thorough intuitive Pick-A-Card reading, using her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing, empowerment and connection to spirit to help you step into your light.

Monthly Energy Clearing

Energy healer Rosalyn Santos speaks on a new topic from an energetic perspective followed by a FULL energetic clearing every month! She checks in on over 40 different energies. This type of healing creates big shifts, increased awareness, emotional releases and unexpected manifestations!

Masterclasses and Webinars

AKASHA FLIX aims to help you understand your power, break your conditioning, learn to love yourself and get on the path to healing by providing spiritually guided webinars, educational masterclasses and open-minded conversation on difficult topics while promoting mindful behaviors. Our goal is to educate, elevate and enlighten the mind, body and soul.

Exclusive Podcasts

Everything from freethinking, mindfulness, spirituality and mental health advocacy! Tune-in to any of our five exclusive podcasts!

Original Series

Original series from some of the most unique conscious and metaphysical creators on the planet! Everything from metaphysics to truth seeking.

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  • The Lounge - Season One

    6 videos

    The Lounge features in-studio guests, freethinking, mindful vibes and deep thought provoking conversation! R.L. Malpica and Chef Definition get to sit back and unwind on everything from societal conditioning, mental health, racism, religion/spirituality, mindfulness and more! Catch our 2-part dis...

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