Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Akasha Flix is comprised of individuals who approach life with mindfulness, spirituality, and a freethinking mindset. They believe in living in the present moment, seeking deeper meaning and understanding, and embracing unconventional perspectives. Their content reflects their values and focuses on topics related to personal growth, self-discovery, mindfulness, and spirituality. They aim to inspire and empower their audience to live a more fulfilling life and to think beyond the boundaries of traditional beliefs.

Meet The Team
  • Rosalyn Santos - Energy Healer

    20 items

    I am an Energy Healer, Coach, Psychic Medium and RN. With more than 20 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings, I bridge the gap of Western medical models with Eastern philosophies. My personal journey in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing has helped me to understand ...

  • Joanna Crowder, Ph.D - Metaphysical Doctor

    45 items

    I began studying Metaphysics at a very young age. At first, I looked into Dream interpretations, Astrology & visions, but that quickly got my attention to study everything else under the sun; and then some. I have always wanted to be able to pass along what I've learned through out the years, to...

  • Jazmine The Medium

    73 items

    Hello my beautiful angels!! I am a psychic, medium, intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to their own light, intuition and connection to the divine.

    As a psychic medium, I use my abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing,...

  • R.L. Malpica - Philosopher

    99 items

    I'm a philosopher, raw fruitarian and documentary director using video/audio as a vessel to share my philosophies with the world. In 2021, I created the conscious streaming platform Akasha Flix which is an ever-growing library of conscious conversation. The goal is to help you understand your pow...

  • Keith Crowder - Fitness Guru

    30 items

    Keith has dedicated his purpose to helping people achieve a healthy balance of lifestyle, nutrition and make smarter financial decisions. His experience from the financial industry, propelled him into wanting to help others on a more humanitarian level. After retiring in 2017, Keith decided he co...

  • Michelle Swist - Intuitive Energy Practitioner

    7 items

    I am an Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Teacher focused on holistic wellness and healing.
    By combining my intuitive Clair-Sense abilities with my knowledge and training in energy
    work, I help individuals bring balance to their minds, body, and spirit. My passion and life’s
    purpose is to help ot...

  • Matthew Thomas - Freethinker

    15 items

    Matthew Thomas is photographer, filmmaker and comedian.

  • Moni Anderson

    21 items

    Moni Anderson is a health/fitness influencer with deep passion for wellness. On her journey, she's realized that a strong healthy foundation is the first step towards a happy fulfilling life.

    Moni's Content
    🥗 Keeping It Simple (Quick Healthy Meals) --

  • Chef Definition

    74 items

    I’ve had a dream to be a chef since I was nine years old. My family has had a major influence on me when it comes to cooking, from learning how to cook soul food to fine dining, baking to grilling... food has always been an integral part of my existence. Throughout the years, I’ve been inspired b...