Jazmine The Medium

Jazmine The Medium

Hello my beautiful angels!! I am a psychic, medium, intuitive empath and spiritual coach, whose work connects individuals to their own light, intuition and connection to the divine.

As a psychic medium, I use my abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing, empowerment and connection to spirit to help my clients step into their light, purpose and start their healing journey to gain clarity in their life.

My hope is that my work assists you in finding your true self, happiness and understanding that we all were born to shine!

Jazmine's content:
✡️ Pick-A-Card Tarot Reading -- https://www.akashaflix.com/pick-a-card-tarot-readings
✨ Jazzy Spirituality -- https://www.akashaflix.com/jazzy-spirituality
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Jazmine offers psychic and mediumship readings here -- https://www.jazminethemedium.com/

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Jazmine The Medium
  • A message for your sign

    Join Jazmine The Medium for an illuminating journey into the elemental realms as she presents her captivating Pick A Card session, exploring the profound influences of earth, fire, air, and water astrological placements for this month. Gain invaluable insights into your cosmic connections, harnes...

  • May's Energy

    Welcome to Pick-A-Card with Jazmine The Medium! We'll be exploring the energies of May and what this month has in store for us. As always, simply choose the deck that you feel most drawn to and listen to the message it has for you.

    DECK ONE -- 01:13
    DECK TWO -- 06:21
    DECK THREE -- 12:12

    No mat...

  • 5/20 - Summer 2022

    In this week's PICK-A-CARD, we get clarity on what summer 2022 has in store for you! From love and career to health, we are getting into it! Of course we can’t forget the message that ties it all together at the end! Which deck did you choose?? Leave a comment below!

  • 5/13 - Clarity on Everything

    In this week;s PICK-A-CARD tarot reading, Jazmine The Medium gets all the information to provide clarity on everything from:
    -What are your emotions trying to tell you?
    -How are you getting in your own way?
    -What action steps do you need to take?
    -What is your message about it?

    When we trust in ...

  • My Miscarriage Experience

    Jazmine shares her perspective on her recent miscarriage, what it taught her, and how her self-development in mind, body and soul gave her the space to maneuver through the emotions.

  • 5/6 - May's Energy

    What does the energy in MAY look like for you? New weekly PICK-A-CARD tarot reading w/ Jazmine The medium! When we trust in the messages the universe has for us we can take a moment to reflect on the lesson in the moment. Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • 4/29 - Your Love Life

    What is next for you and your love life?! Pick the card you're most drawn to as Jazmine The Medium connects to spirit to provide you with influential guidance! Trust your intuition and share the card you picked!

  • 4/15 - Blessings Coming Your Way

    Find out what blessings are coming your way! Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • 4/8 - Your Inner Child Speaks

    This week Jazmine talks about what YOUR inner child wants to tell you! Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • Inner Child Healing

    Jazmine The Medium talks about where to start on your inner child healing, what to look for, things to ask and little ways you can show up for yourself.

  • 4/1 - April Energy

    It's a new month! What does energy look like for the month of April? Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • 75th Episode - 7 Pillars of Society

    On our 75th episode, we take it back to the beginnings of this podcast by putting special guests Jazmine The Medium and Keith & Joanna Crowder thru the 7 pillars of society! Laughs, deep conversations and some conspiracies... join us for the celebration!

  • 3/25 - Energy of Yo Moneyyy?

    Jazmine talks about the energy you carry around money, what may help you make more and what may be holding you back from abundance! Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked in the comments!

  • Relation-Tips

    Jazmine talks about her experience with love and a couple lessons she's learned through relationships along the way. From toxic relationships to life changing soul mates, there is so much people can relate to. At the end of the day, it's a journey back to self.

  • 3/18 - Your Energetic Connection to Friends

    Have you ever wondered about your friendship journey? This week, Jazmine pulls cards on the energy you carry when it comes to the connection to your friends. Whether you are an introvert or someone who needs connections to grow, trust your intuition when picking a crystal or angel card
    and share...

  • 3/11 - March Energy

    It's a new month! Find out what March has in store for you! What does the energy look like? Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • Staying Neutral in a Chaotic World

    In this week's episode, Jazmine shares her point of view on the importance of keeping a neutral vibration when the world is throwing fear in your face. As an empath, maneuvering through these times may seem heavy. Growing up a millennial means we have seen some shit. From 9/11 to the recession an...

  • 2/27 - What Career Matches My Energy?

    Curious about what type of career your energy would fit in with the most? Always wondering what your purpose is? This week's Pick-A-Card talks about the energy you carry and what kind of career matches! Choose the deck or crystal you feel drawn to and don't second guess yourself! This is a great ...

  • 2/22/22 Universal Guidance

    Jazmine taps into universal energy to provide you with general guidance this week! Follow your intuition and pick the card/crystal your most drawn to!

  • Connecting the Dots of Your Life

    Jazmine The Medium talks about connecting the dots of your life so that you can gain a better perspective of your experiences. She talks about why being diagnosed with lupus was pivotal for her journey towards her end goal. From a vision as a child to lupus and on, she explains the importance of ...

  • 2/13 - Valentine connections and where they may be leading

    It's VALENTINE'S week and Jazmine The Medium is here to talk about the connections you experience and where they may be leading! Choose a deck or crystal you feel drawn to, don't second guess yourself, this is a great way to learn to trust your intuition. Let us know what deck you picked! New re...

  • 2/6 - What does February have in store for you?

    It's a new month and Jazmine The Medium is here to let you know what February has in store for you! What does the energy look like for you?

  • 5 Lessons Grief Taught Me

    Have you experienced a grief that changed every aspect of your world? The grief that feels like you will never move through it? You don't want to miss this week's episode of Live Laugh Uh WTF with host Jazmine The Medium. The whole reason Jazmine is Jazmine The Medium is because of her experience...

  • 1/30 - Advice

    Looking for advice on everything from your career, relationships or anything in life? Allow Jazmine The Medium to help you understand what energy you should be working through right now! Pick-A-Card, trust your intuition and be open for the message!