Minds Like Mine's Podcast

Minds Like Mine's Podcast

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Join us on a journey to explore R.L. Malpica's unique philosophies on health, wellness, and personal growth. This includes his revolutionary approach to eating raw with his E.A.T. philosophy and delves into his 4 pillars of enlightenment, which includes breaking societal conditioning, creating a healthy terrain, obtaining oneness through mindful habits, and expanding your spirituality with a touch of metaphysics. If you're ready to challenge your preconceptions, expand your consciousness, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, then this is the show for you!

Minds Like Mine's Podcast
  • Is it safe to eat raw for extended periods of time?

    Episode 105

    I explore the safety of an extended raw food diet for extended periods of time. This episode delves into the historical context, discussing how early humans consumed raw food before the discovery of fire, and examines our physiological characteristics that suggest we are frugivores. Discover the ...

  • Should you go to the doctor for routine visits?

    Episode 104

    In this episode, R.L. dives deep into the concept of routine doctor visits, challenging the traditional paradigm. Exploring the idea that routine visits may have been designed to create a cycle of medical dependency, R.L. sheds light on the reactive nature of the allopathic medical system. With c...

  • Can a Raw Food Diet cause Digestive Issues?

    Episode 103

    I dispel the myth that a raw food diet can cause digestive issues. Drawing on my personal experience and research, I explore the connection between inflammatory conditions like IBS and Crohn's disease and the role of acidity in triggering inflammation. By sharing my own journey from a meat-based ...

  • The Spiritual Aspects of Diet

    In the fifth season of 'Minds Like Mine's Podcast, we take a captivating turn towards exploring the realm of natural health and diet. Join R.L. as he dives deep into the spiritual aspect of health, unraveling the profound connections between the body, mind, and spirit. Discover how nurturing the ...

  • My E.A.T. Philosophy

    Are you looking to make some serious health & dietary changes? On this episode of Minds Like Mine's, R.L. dives into the transformative power of his E.A.T philosophy. Join in, as he explores the profound impact of energy efficiency, the importance of avoiding acid-forming foods, and the crucial...

  • How does the terrain model differ from the germ theory?

    Episode 102

    In this thought-provoking episode, philosopher R.L. Malpica challenges the widely accepted germ theory of disease and introduces the paradigm-shifting terrain model. With compelling insights, R.L. explores how societal conditioning has shaped our perception of health, emphasizing the importance o...