• Behind the Muse-Sic

    A deep look into the inspiration behind underground rap group Muse-Sic’s content, including their battle with mental illness, drugs, alcohol and the struggles of the music industry. All three artists have their own story, own journey and own aspirations as to why music is ultimately their therapy...

  • A Healer's Journey - Part One

    Everyone has their own story of how they became who they are today. Part one of this documentary reveals the traumatic journey of acclaimed energy healer Rosalyn Santos. From growing up in a religious cult as a Jehovah's Witness to dealing with the struggles of trying to escape, Rosalyn offers an...

  • Swimming in Deep Water

    1 season

    Creators are given the opportunity to tell their life story in their own words. Artists that are fearless and free examine the life experiences that shaped who they are.
    In a time where it's safe to share the highlights and perfections of life, these individuals choose to share the darker times ...