Explore the world from a critical and open-minded perspective. Our documentaries challenge commonly-held beliefs and conventional wisdom, encouraging viewers to question their assumptions and see the world in new ways. They aim to provide a deeper understanding of complex issues and promote reflection and self-discovery. They also seek to inspire change by shedding light on important topics and promoting a more mindful, compassionate, and just society. Whether you're looking to expand your horizons, challenge your beliefs, or simply find a fresh perspective, freethinking, truth-seeking, and mindful documentaries are a great place to start.

  • Died Suddenly

    Watch this captivating and highly controversial documentary uncovering new information about the effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. 5 billion vaccinated worldwide, and many are dying suddenly. Is this the greatest orchestrated die-off in the history of the world? Why do we never believe them?


  • A Healer's Journey


    A Healer's Journey is a captivating documentary that explores the life of renowned energy healer Rosalyn Santos and her path to self-discovery and empowerment. Through intimate interviews, viewers will witness Rosalyn's inspiring journey of overcoming religious trauma and oppression that she face...

  • Behind the Muse-Sic

    A deep look into the inspiration behind underground rap group Muse-Sic’s content, including their battle with mental illness, drugs, alcohol and the struggles of the music industry. All three artists have their own story, own journey and own aspirations as to why music is ultimately their therapy...

  • Swimming in Deep Water

    1 season

    Creators are given the opportunity to tell their life story in their own words. Artists that are fearless and free examine the life experiences that shaped who they are.
    In a time where it's safe to share the highlights and perfections of life, these individuals choose to share the darker times ...