Virgo Collection

Virgo Collection

Virgo represents the domains of nutrition and movement, service, invention, and adept problem-solving.

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Virgo Collection
  • Inviting Radiance_ Embracing Inspiration and Bliss

    Welcome to a soul-enriching episode. Join Michelle on this journey of embracing the beauty of life's little joys and cultivating an open heart to the magic that surrounds us. We'll delve into how this affirmation can spark your creativity, uplift your spirits, and lead you toward a more joyful ex...

  • Connecting the Dots of Your Life

    Jazmine The Medium talks about connecting the dots of your life so that you can gain a better perspective of your experiences. She talks about why being diagnosed with lupus was pivotal for her journey towards her end goal. From a vision as a child to lupus and on, she explains the importance of ...

  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    In this episode, we discuss the necessity to find balance in the Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit. Plus, the importance of understanding how they are all connected.

  • The Spiritual Aspects of Diet

    In the fifth season of 'Minds Like Mine's Podcast, we take a captivating turn towards exploring the realm of natural health and diet. Join R.L. as he dives deep into the spiritual aspect of health, unraveling the profound connections between the body, mind, and spirit. Discover how nurturing the ...