True Colors featuring Moni Anderson

True Colors featuring Moni Anderson

4 Episodes

In a world full of political correctness and cancel culture, Moni Anderson shares her opinions on social issues. Authentic, transparent and explicit.. True Colors is a breath of fresh-air within a society of watered down rhetoric.

True Colors featuring Moni Anderson
  • Cancel This!

    Episode 1

    Society has adopted a fad known as cancel culture.. why does it exist? And why do people continue to support such a negative idea? Moni weighs in with her opinion.

  • Moni on R.Kelly

    Episode 3

    Moni shares her explicit opinion on R.Kelly, his scandals and his music.

  • Truth About Transgenders in Sports

    Episode 2

    Moni shares her opinions on the issue of transgenders in sports. Should transgenders be allowed to participate in their identifying gender's sport? How do we fix this issue?

  • Black Lives Matter

    Episode 4

    The Black Lives Matter movement has been surrounded by controversy for years. Moni shares her thoughts with strong opinions on race, justice and more!