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The Lounge

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Join R.L. Malpica, Matthew Thomas, and Chef Definition as they delve into the deep, thought-provoking topics that others shy away from. In this in-studio podcast, the trio will explore various aspects of culture, society, and philosophies, providing unique perspectives and challenging conventional wisdom. Get ready for a journey of intellectual stimulation and mind-expanding discussions, as these experts tackle the subjects that most people avoid. Tune in for an engaging and enlightening listening experience

The Lounge
  • Dissecting Stereotypes and Narratives

    Episode 9

    In the latest episode of The Lounge, we explore the origins of stereotypes, the power of narratives crafted by influential entities and media, and the inherent misleading aspects of the commonly held narrative surrounding Hitler. Join us as we also delve into the treatment of individuals based on...

  • Mentors & Mindset

    Episode 1

    Who are your mentors? What type of mindsets have been instilled through the mentors in your life? Who helped guide you to become the person you are today? Mentorship is the influence, guidance, motivation or direction given by an individual through teaching or advice. R.L., Chef and new co-host M...

  • Jazzy Loungin'

    Episode 2

    They were supposed to talk about overcoming trauma and grief, but the universe had other plans... Jazmine The Medium joined The Lounge crew and the energy was contagious! Deep conversations on boundaries, Kanye and racism to fun convos on nicknames, rap battles and mediumship. Share your thoughts...

  • What is Toxic Masculinity?

    Episode 3

    Is toxic masculinity a real issue in society? What exactly is toxic masculinity? Where did it come from? Can men and women have both masculine and feminine traits? Natalie Tobias visited The Lounge for an animated and fun conversation on everything surrounding toxic masculinity.

  • 2 Sides of Racism Pt.1

    Episode 4

    Do we use the word "racist" too loosely nowadays? What does being racist truly mean? Does using a racial slur necessarily mean you're a racist? Saunjuli Delao joins the show and gets into a highly emotional and passionate conversation about race. Enjoy!

  • 2 Sides of Racism Pt. 2

    Episode 5

    Is systemic racism still a pressing issue in our society? Saunjuli Delao helps us take a deep dive into the subject, shedding light on the history and perpetuation of systemic racism, its impact on marginalized communities, and ways in which we can all work towards creating a more equitable futur...

  • Old Hip Hop Headz

    Episode 6

    Join us in this explosive episode as we delve into the world of hip-hop and explore its past and present. From the evolution of the genre to its greatest icons, Rocky Barajas joins the show to engage in a heated debate about the state of the game today, why Biggie ruined hip-hop and why Lil Wayne...

  • Navigating the Dynamics of Relationships Part One

    Episode 7

    In this episode of The Lounge, we explore the complexities of relationships, from navigating the dynamics of work wives and husbands to dealing with the aftermath of a breakup. The crew dives into the thorny issue of whether it's possible to be friends with an ex, and the potential pitfalls of ma...

  • Navigating the Dynamics of Relationships Part Two

    Episode 8

    On part 2 of Navigating the Dynamics of relationships, we tackle the intriguing topic of being friends with an ex while navigating a new relationship. What are the possibilities and potential challenges that arise in these situations. But that's not all—we also explore the concept of work spouses...