Real Talk with KC & JoJo

Real Talk with KC & JoJo

5 Episodes

Real Talk is about authentic conversations dealing with various topics surrounding MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT. Helping you Level Up as we share with you a bit about our own experiences. Joanna & Keith have been on a Twinflame journey for the last 24 years. They have two amazing children, and are excited to work side by side, helping others overcome obstacles that they too have experienced and triumphed over.

Real Talk with KC & JoJo
  • The Syncretism Game

    Episode 1

    On this episode, KC and JoJo play "The Syncretism Game" summarizing syncretism and how Joanna breaks it down in her masterclass!

    Real Talk with KC&JOJO is about speaking on topics that most don’t discuss. Basically... we get real!

  • Mental Awareness

    Episode 2

    In this Mental Awareness podcast we discuss our own suicidal stories and how we overcame. A discussion on how we should share and talk more about this sensitive subject.

  • Peeling The Layers

    Episode 3

    On the path to enlightenment, we often get stuck when it comes to peeling the layers of ourselves. In this episode we show you a real life example of how you can do an energy assessment and heal from past trauma.

  • Acquiescing to Programming

    Episode 4

    In this episode, we discuss the drip campaign in all systems and how we, as programmed individuals, acquiesce to authority figures and the establishments. Let’s become more aware of our agreements!

  • XYZ
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    Why is our emotional intelligence attached to certain beliefs? Is it difficult to question ourselves and others? Do we stay in the box out of fear? Cognitive Dissonance is a thing. Let’s talk about it.