Pick A Card - Tarot Readings

Pick A Card - Tarot Readings

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Jazmine The Medium provides a monthly tarot card reading where you can pick one deck to gain insight and guidance into your current situation. With her intuitive abilities and expertise in tarot, Jazmine will provide a detailed interpretation of the card you choose and offer practical advice on how to navigate any challenges you may be facing. This reading is a powerful tool for self-discovery and can help bring clarity and direction to your life. Get ready to connect with the universe and receive the guidance you seek with Jazmine's monthly pick a card tarot reading.

Pick A Card - Tarot Readings
  • A message for your sign

    Join Jazmine The Medium for an illuminating journey into the elemental realms as she presents her captivating Pick A Card session, exploring the profound influences of earth, fire, air, and water astrological placements for this month. Gain invaluable insights into your cosmic connections, harnes...

  • May's Energy

    Welcome to Pick-A-Card with Jazmine The Medium! We'll be exploring the energies of May and what this month has in store for us. As always, simply choose the deck that you feel most drawn to and listen to the message it has for you.

    DECK ONE -- 01:13
    DECK TWO -- 06:21
    DECK THREE -- 12:12

    No mat...

  • Love & Relationships

    For February, Jazmine The Medium draws angel cards with the guidance of her spirit team to talk about what lessons YOU will be learning through love/relationships in the year 2023. Relationships are mirrors to our soul and some of our greatest lessons will come from the people closest to us.

  • A Message from the Universe

    Episode 2

    For March, Jazmine The Medium draws angel cards with the guidance of her spirit team to talk about what the universe NEEDS you to hear. Sometimes, a message from above can help keep you focused on the bigger picture.

    Pick A Card is a great time to connect to your intuition but also to trust it ...