Path To Enlightenment

Path To Enlightenment

3 Episodes

Join us for a transformative video masterclass series where we delve into the four pillars that lead to inner peace and spiritual growth. Discover the key to breaking your conditioning and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. Learn how to cultivate a healthy terrain within yourself to optimize your mind and body for spiritual growth. Explore the concept of oneness and how to find unity within yourself and with the world around you. Get an understanding of how spirituality is a journey of self-discovery and inner growth that helps us connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. Through this on-going masterclass, you will gain a deeper understanding of these essential components and create a roadmap to your own spiritual enlightenment.

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Path To Enlightenment
  • Deprogramming Yourself

    Episode 1

    How do you break years of conditioning? Years of brainwashing? Years of programming? Is it possible to remove decades of misinformation and indoctrination from your memory? On this introductory episode, R.L. Malpica gives an in-depth overview of his first pillar of enlightenment.

  • Religion

    Episode 2

    The oldest and most powerful form of conditioning is religion. It’s the ultimate tool to control. By using a higher being or beings as the foundation of law mixed with the the power of fear, religion has and continues to literally control the lives of billions. R.L. explains how religion has affe...

  • Politics

    Episode 3

    We continue to stay a society divided. But why? Why do we continue to put energy in politics? What role does politics play in the conditioning of society? R.L. breaks down the history of politics, its origins and how it's used as a tool to brainwash us all.