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Watch this video and more on Akasha Flix

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  • EP 7 - Nature is a Mirror

    Not only are we in nature, but we also discuss the different mirrors nature provides us in order to grow and heal. One example given, is the relationship with Mary Jane and how the Universe shows us through mirrors, what path should be taken. As always, hope you enjoy!

  • EP 2 - Genesis to Revelation

    In this illuminating episode of "Decoding The Bible," we explore the underlying theme of our ascension journey that runs throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Using a spiritual lens to decode the biblical text, we delve into the symbolism and metaphorical language used in the s...

  • EP 3 - Adam and Eve

    In this fascinating episode of "Decoding The Bible," we take an esoteric and metaphysical perspective on the Adam & Eve story, exploring how this ancient tale can shed light on our own identity and relationship with the divine.

    Joanna Crowder guides us through the many layers of meaning within t...