Escape Within - Arley 2024

Escape Within - Arley 2024

Discover the transformative power of the 'Escape Within' retreat in Arley, Alabama, through this exclusive collection of videos from 2024. Join metaphysical practitioner Joanna Crowder, Ph.D., as she guides you through spiritual awakening and deeper connections with the universe. Natural Health and Diet Specialist R.L. Malpica shares insights on holistic wellness, offering practical advice for nourishing the mind and body. Experience profound spiritual revelations with professional psychic/medium Jazmine the Medium as she bridges the realms. Finally, elevate your perspective and find balance with Mindset and Health Coach Keith Crowder. This collection captures the essence of personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and holistic healing, allowing you to relive the retreat’s magic anytime.

Escape Within - Arley 2024
  • Rhythmic Resonance: Flowing with your Energy

    In this presentation, Joanna Crowder, Ph.D explores the profound concept of 'As Above, So Below,' unveiling how the cosmic dance of zodiac signs influences our existence. Each sign flows within us, subtly shaping the energy that surrounds us and guiding us in mysterious ways.

  • Mindset Workshop

    In this presentation, Keith Crowder dives into the mind and explains how we can achieve true change in our lives simply by shifting our mindset.

  • Intuition

    Join Jazmine the Medium for a journey into intuitive development. In this presentation, Jazmine helps you tap into your inner wisdom and strengthen your intuitive abilities. With practical exercises and insightful guidance, you'll learn how to trust your instincts and use your intuitive gifts to ...

  • Detoxing the Mind & Body

    In this presentation, natural health & diet specialist R.L. Malpica shows you how you've been conditioned by the medical industry and indoctrinated to see health from a specific viewpoint. After he helps you detox your mind, he dives into the workings of the body, the importance of an alkaline ba...