Chronicles of a Healer Podcast

Chronicles of a Healer Podcast

3 Episodes

Chronicles of a Healer is a podcast that takes listeners on a journey through the personal experiences of energy healer Rosalyn Santos. Each episode explores the unique struggles and challenges faced in the field of energy healing. From dealing with skeptical clients to navigating the complex emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, listeners will gain insight into the life of a modern-day healer. Whether you're an experienced practitioner, a curious seeker, or simply looking for a deeper understanding of the world of energy healing, Chronicles of a Healer is the podcast for you.

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Chronicles of a Healer Podcast
  • Dealing w/ Sociopathic Parents

    Episode 1

    On this episode, Rosalyn talks about the misconceptions of being a healer, dealing with sociopathic parents, the criteria of sociopathy, what it means to transmute energy, the significance of "love and light" and why boundaries are important.

  • Expectations of a Healer [Part One]

    Rosalyn discusses expectations that clients have of healers and how to view them. She also discusses why she does consults with potential clients and what that looks like.

  • Manifestation vs. Effort [Part Two]

    Episode 2

    Rosalyn goes into the differences between manifestation and effort. What does "effortless" mean? She also breaks down what makes the biggest difference when attempting to manifest something.