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  • Masterclass on Syncretism

    1 season

    Syncretism connects all the myths, holy scriptures/bible, fairy tales, ancient stories and philosophies to one common origin. Joanna Crowder, Ph.D gives a full comprehensive breakdown of syncretism. Every episode is packed with knowledge picked up throughout the years from amazing mentors and tea...

  • Sweat 4 Life

    1 season

    Join Keith Crowder, as he discusses how mindset effects our journey through life as it relates to fitness, health, longevity and our misconceptions of aging. Each episode will provide a few insights on how to improve your health, mindset and outlook on your own health/wellness/fitness journey.

  • Minds Like Mine's Podcast

    2 seasons

    Looking to get more in touch with your inner-self? Searching for truth? Join hosts R.L. Malpica (spiritual mentor/lightworker) and Deshun the Definition (personal chef) as they shed light on conscious living with deep topics and thought provoking conversation. If you're into mindfulness, spiritua...

  • Pick A Card - Tarot Readings

    1 season

    Pick the card that you're most drawn to and Jazmine The Medium provides a thorough intuitive reading. Jazmine uses her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, healing, empowerment and connection to spirit to help her clients step into their light, purpose and st...

  • Crystal Corner with Lorelei

    1 season

    Join Lorelei as she discusses all your favorite crystals, stones, and even fossils and meteorites and how they improve your spiritual, mental, and physic health! Discover how every crystal and stones vibration effects your own and has very specific properties for healing, balance, protection, con...

  • Energy Reset with Rosalyn Santos

    1 season

    Energy healer Rosalyn Santos speaks on a new topic from an energetic perspective followed by a FULL energetic clearing every month! She checks in on over 40 different energies. This type of healing creates big shifts, increased awareness, emotional releases and unexpected manifestations!

  • 3rd Eye with Lorelei

    1 season

    Dive into all things metaphysical with 3rd Eye with Lorelei. Learn information regarding topics like past life regression, dream interpretation, and tarot card reading to name a few. Learn with Lorelei, a newbie to the metaphysical scene as she discusses different topics each week in a fun and re...