R.L. Malpica's content - Philosopher & Freethinker

R.L. Malpica's content - Philosopher & Freethinker

I'm a philosopher, conscious content creator and founder of AKASHA FLIX.

My path has led me to guiding those who are searching for their true purpose in life and finding their authentic-self. Through inner-work and the implementation of mindful habits, I help individuals bridge the gap between a conditioned mind and oneness.

"If you can't trust everything, you have to question everything..."

That quote is the foundation of my path. The more I ask questions, the more I realize that the truth has been suppressed.. which conjures up the most important question of all.. why? I've made it my life-long journey to find the answers and be a vessel for those who find themselves lost.

My philosophy:
There are 4 pillars of enlightenment
☯️ Breaking the Conditioning
☯️ Healthy Terrain
☯️ Oneness
☯️ Spirituality

R.L.'s Content
🎙 Minds Like Mine's Podcast -- https://www.akashaflix.com/minds-like-mine-s-podcast
🗣 The Lounge -- https://www.akashaflix.com/the-lounge

I also teach in the QE Academy -- https://qe-academy.circle.so/c/featured-podcasts/

EMAIL -- [email protected]

R.L. Malpica's content - Philosopher & Freethinker
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    R.L. Malpica is the founder of AKASHA FLIX and a conscious content creator. He's also the host of the Minds Like Mine's Podcast.

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