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Libra Season

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  • Libra Season

    The last episode of the zodiac series of crystal corner is all about our incredible Libras! Learn all about the beautiful partnership and unifying drive in the Libra archetype and how they relish in fighting for the underdog, the balance of justice and the right to be heard and understood. They a...

  • Masterclass on Health - Part One: Diet

    Are you tired of all the conflicting misinformation about diet? Do you know the appropriate diet for humans? What are we physiologically built to eat? Digest? Lauren Whiteman is a long-time Natural Hygienist who recovered her health by following the principles of the science of natural hygiene. S...

  • 9/23 A Message from Spirit

    ✨In this week's PICK-A-CARD, Jazmine asks the universe for a message that you NEED to hear. Todays episode is all about what you need to hear from the universe. ✨

    DECK ONE - 1:05
    DECK TWO - 15:39
    DECK THREE - 26:24

    Which deck did you choose?? Leave a comment below!