Just Added - every Friday we release new content!

Just Added - every Friday we release new content!

AKASHA FLIX releases new content every Friday! Be sure to check out the entire series for each one of our shows!

Just Added - every Friday we release new content!
  • Masterclass on Health - Part Two: Disease

    Did you know your body is a self-healing system? Did you know that sickness and disease is your body's response to heal itself? Is contagion a myth? Learn the truth about diabetes/cancer/AIDS and how everything you've ever learned about illness is wrong.

    Lauren Whiteman is a long-time Natural H...

  • Attachment vs. Detachment

    Do you know the difference between attachment and detachment and how they greatly effect our spiritual growth and development? Lorelei talks about the difference of the light of connection and the stagnation of attachment and ways to detach yourself from different people and circumstances. Plus, ...

  • Masterclass on Health - Part One: Diet

    Are you tired of all the conflicting misinformation about diet? Do you know the appropriate diet for humans? What are we physiologically built to eat? Digest? Lauren Whiteman is a long-time Natural Hygienist who recovered her health by following the principles of the science of natural hygiene. S...

  • Libra Season

    The last episode of the zodiac series of crystal corner is all about our incredible Libras! Learn all about the beautiful partnership and unifying drive in the Libra archetype and how they relish in fighting for the underdog, the balance of justice and the right to be heard and understood. They a...

  • EP 13 - Roasted Tomato & Pesto Grilled Cheese

    Hey guys do you need a quick meal or to some of you all this may just be a snack.

    Check out our final episode as we make our Roasted Tomato & Pesto Grilled Cheese. Enjoy this grilled cheese with a soup or salad if your choice.

    Sourdough Bread
    Jalapeños Habanero Shredded Chees...

  • 9/23 A Message from Spirit

    ✨In this week's PICK-A-CARD, Jazmine asks the universe for a message that you NEED to hear. Todays episode is all about what you need to hear from the universe. ✨

    DECK ONE - 1:05
    DECK TWO - 15:39
    DECK THREE - 26:24

    Which deck did you choose?? Leave a comment below!

  • The Structure of a Psychic/Mediumship Reading

    Looking to make a career as a psychic or medium? Learn how to structure a psychic or mediumship reading. Jazmine shares her expertise on how she crafts a reading and gives her clients an amazing experience.

  • Transformation and Energy Healing with Rosalyn Santos

    Discover how Rosalyn's mission and own healing journey can help you find new inspiration an healing in your own life in this powerful and thought provoking new episode.

    Rosalyn Santos is an Energy Healer, Coach, Psychic Medium and RN. With more than 20 years of experience in a variety of clinica...

  • EP 12 - Loaded Caesar Salad

    Running low on time? Try a simply loaded caesar salad!

    Although we are not using meat for this salad feel to add a protein of your choice.

    Romaine Lettuce
    Bell Peppers
    Hot Banana Peppers
    Parmesan Cheese
    Caesar Dressing
    1 Boiled /Peeled Egg

    Be sure to download the recipe o...

  • 9/16 Your Finances

    ✨In this week's PICK-A-CARD, Jazmine asks the universe about your finances... past, present and future✨

    DECK ONE - 1:14
    DECK TWO - 11:40
    DECK THREE - 20:47

    Which deck did you choose?? Leave a comment below!

  • Shadow Work

    Wanna learn more about shadow work?? The polarity to light work and the part of spirituality that makes empaths squirm? It is the challenge of facing the parts of ourselves that we hide from others and where we see it in our reactions to people and circumstances. Discover what the shadow is, how...

  • EP 6 - 5 Ways to Elevate Your Relationship

    Looking for tips on how to keep your relationship strong and healthy? Joanna and Keith take a trip to the Elevate Training Course, where they break down 5 ways to elevate your relationship. Plus, they discuss the Metaphysical Meaning of Bees.

  • 7 Psychic Mediumship Development Exercises

    Are you looking to develop your psychic or mediumship skills? Jazmine reveals 7 different developmental exercises for you to use to improve your abilities.

  • Ghosts and Spirits

    Ever gone somewhere haunted? Experienced chills down your spine and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up for no reason? Paranormal experiences like these can be a bit unsettling. Understanding how spirits and ghosts interact with the land of the living is one way to understand our environm...

  • The Gap

    In this episode, we will discuss how becoming aware of the gap between a trigger and an emotion will improve your overall health, happiness and performance.

  • Guided Meditations

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    Meditation is the foundation of all things spiritual. Create a mindful habit and meditate yourself away into a state of calmness, peace and balance. Each guided meditation focuses on a different area and essence of your inner-being. Enjoy your path to oneness 🙏🏾☯️.

  • Angels & Guidance

    In this class, Lorelei breaks down the different Archangels and how their Divine purpose is to assist human kind in very specific and unique ways. Learn how Archangels differentiate from our Spirit Guides and how our Guides can appear to us in many different forms and beings of light. Learn how t...

  • 7 Stages of a Spiritual Awakening

    The path to enlightenment is a long and winding one, but it's possible. This video explains the seven stages of spiritual awakening. In this video you'll see how each stage works and what you can do at each level to make the most of your journey toward enlightenment. If you want to know where you...