Inner Child Wounds & Childhood Trauma

Inner Child Wounds & Childhood Trauma

Videos that speak on child traumas, spending time doing what makes you happy, and detaching yourself from the stresses of the world.

Inner Child Wounds & Childhood Trauma
  • Inner Child Wounds

    We've been conditioned to suppress our emotions, forget and move on from experiences that affected us during our childhood. That suppression causes us to difficulties later in life. These are inner child wounds and all of us need some inner child healing. R.L. & Chef Definition dive deep into the...

  • Inner Child Healing

    Jazmine The Medium talks about where to start on your inner child healing, what to look for, things to ask and little ways you can show up for yourself.

  • Why So Serious?

    Rosalyn discusses the reasons why we tend to take things so seriously. Experience an energy clearing throughout her discussion and clear the energies that prevent you from feeling happy, joyful and amused!

  • 4/8 - Your Inner Child Speaks

    This week Jazmine talks about what YOUR inner child wants to tell you! Trust your intuition and share what deck you picked.

  • EP 2 - The 21st Floor

    In this episode, we discuss tapping into our inner child, the 3 universal fears and how to talk to our younger selves. Join us and enjoy as we take it to another perspective!