Matthew Thomas content- Filmmaker & Freethinker

Matthew Thomas content- Filmmaker & Freethinker

Matthew Thomas is a freethinking filmmaker and photographer. Most of his contributions to AKASHA FLIX is behind the scenes but he also co-hosts "The Lounge" and directs his documentary series "Swimming in Deep Water".

Matthew Thomas content- Filmmaker & Freethinker
  • Matthew Thomas - Freethinker

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    Matthew Thomas is photographer, filmmaker and comedian.

  • The Lounge
    2 seasons

    The Lounge

    2 seasons

    Join R.L. Malpica, Matthew Thomas, and Chef Definition as they delve into the deep, thought-provoking topics that others shy away from. In this in-studio podcast, the trio will explore various aspects of culture, society, and philosophies, providing unique perspectives and challenging conventiona...

  • Swimming in Deep Water

    1 season

    Creators are given the opportunity to tell their life story in their own words. Artists that are fearless and free examine the life experiences that shaped who they are.
    In a time where it's safe to share the highlights and perfections of life, these individuals choose to share the darker times ...

  • Are you living the life you wanna live?

    Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to live? Are you the person you wanna be? It’s time to look in the mirror and do an audit on yourself. Listen in as we talk about what it takes to love the life you live and overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way of you becoming your authenti...

  • Dave Chappelle vs. LGBTQ vs. Racism

    Dave Chappelle pissed alotta people off in his latest stand-up comedy special "The Closer". Should he be cancelled? Does the LGBTQ community have ground to stand on? Should the plight of the LGBTQ community be compared to racism in America? Do comedians have free rein when it comes to sensitive s...

  • Who's on Your Mount Rushmore of Stand-Up Comedy?

    The podcast was supposed to be about relationships.. but when Matthew Thomas is the building, all bets are off! We discuss our favorite sitcom relationships, our favorite stand-up comedians and classic movies.

    Minds Like Mine's digs beneath the surface with compelling discussion on spirituality...

  • Society, Culture and a Love Movement

    Filmmaker, photographer and comedian Matthew Thomas joins the show to talk everything from his life journey, self-reflection and spreading love to debating Living Single versus Friends and Kyrie Irving! This episode has it all.. substance, entertainment and comedy. Listen in for a high energy, hi...