Exclusive Subscriber Discounts

Exclusive Subscriber Discounts

With your AKASHA FLIX subscription, you also get access to discounts on readings, clearings, coaching, services and more from the best healers/coaches on the planet! Take advantage of these perks to help with your self-development, healing and spiritual growth.

Exclusive Subscriber Discounts
  • Energy360©️ Reading and Report

    Only $99 for subscribers! (A $159 value) Energy healer and coach Rosalyn Santos provides a 31-page report of over 40 different energies - including money energies, systems of the body and negative attachments. See how these are impacting your life and what you can begin to do about them.

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  • Join the QE Academy

    The QE Academy offers a systematic approach to understanding oneself and the universe through a supportive community and self awakening coursework that will challenge you to become the best version of you so that you can Create a Life You Love! QE Academy has teamed up with AKASHA FLIX to offer t...