Exclusive Subscriber Discounts

Exclusive Subscriber Discounts

As an exclusive subscriber, you will have access to exclusive discounts on a wide range of metaphysical, mindful and spiritual services. With these discounts, you can deepen your spiritual practice, enhance your mindfulness, and gain a deeper understanding of the metaphysical world, all while saving money. Whether you are new to these practices or an experienced practitioner, you will find the exclusive discounts on our services to be a valuable addition to your journey towards enlightenment.

Exclusive Subscriber Discounts
  • Energy360©️ Reading and Report

    Only $99 for subscribers! (A $159 value) Energy healer and coach Rosalyn Santos provides a 31-page report of over 40 different energies - including money energies, systems of the body and negative attachments. See how these are impacting your life and what you can begin to do about them.

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  • Join the QE Academy

    The QE Academy offers a systematic approach to understanding oneself and the universe through a supportive community and self awakening coursework that will challenge you to become the best version of you so that you can Create a Life You Love! QE Academy has teamed up with AKASHA FLIX to offer t...