• Buy or Rent: A Healer's Journey - Part One

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    Everyone has their own story of how they became who they are today. Part one of this documentary reveals the traumatic journey of acclaimed energy healer Rosalyn Santos. From growing up in a religious cult as a Jehovah's Witness to dealing with the struggles of trying to escape, Rosalyn offers an...

  • Masterclass on Health

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    Are you tired of all the conflicting misinformation about diet? Do you know the appropriate diet for humans? What are we physiologically built to eat? Digest? Did you know your body is a self-healing system? Did you know that sickness and disease is your body's response to heal itself? Is contagi...

  • Crystals of the Zodiac

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    Join Lorelei as she discusses all 12 signs of the zodiac and the crystals best associated with each sign! How do they improve your spiritual, mental, and physical health? Discover how every crystal and stone's vibration affects you and learn the specific properties for healing, balance, protectio...

  • Masterclass on Syncretism

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    Masterclass on Syncretism - use promo code BLKSYNC. Syncretism connects all the myths, holy scriptures/bible, fairy tales, ancient stories and philosophies to one common origin. Joanna Crowder, Ph.D gives a full comprehensive breakdown of syncretism. Every episode is packed with knowledge picked ...

  • The Lounge - Season One

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    The Lounge features in-studio guests, freethinking, mindful vibes and deep thought provoking conversation! R.L. Malpica and Chef Definition get to sit back and unwind on everything from societal conditioning, mental health, racism, religion/spirituality, mindfulness and more! Catch our 2-part dis...