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Etched Amethyst, Euphoralite/Indicolite Tourmaline & the Power of Acknowledgment

Season 1, Episode 5 • 29m

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    What is an aura? How do they tell you more about your chakra health? Can you see your own aura... or other people's? Discover more about what your aura says about your energy! Plus, Lorelei discusses the calming and connecting Caribbean Calcite and the confidence building and unique Sulfur Quartz!

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    Wondering a little bit about that title?! I LOVED this conversation with Corbie because it was just like this title! Out of this world and SO EXCITING. Corbie Mitlied is a wealth of information about all things metaphysical. Over her many decades of work on the Psychic Fair circuit and reading 1,...

  • Sealstone, Isua and Are Aliens Real?

    Lorelei has finally decided to dust off the notes and get on with the topic of ALIENS. Really though, are they forreals? Check out this episode and find out for yourself! Also, Lorelei talks about her newest crystal babies, Sealstone and Isua, two very different stones from the island, Greenland....